Updated the OBS fork recommended in the readme
If next_frame != NULL when the source is destroyed it now correctly frees the texture
dmabuf_listener is now statically allocated
Removed old info about dmabuf being broken
Fixed the random assortment of issues with dmabuf
Support v3 of wlr-screencopy-unstable-v1

This commit adds support for newer libwlroots, after the merger of
ee7200c60574 — Marian Buschsieweke 4 months ago
Make library install-able
Added note about QT_QPA_PLATFORM=xcb
scpy_source and dmabuf_source are now extern
Added support for specifying a region to capture
dmabuf should be auto-disabled if dependencies can't be met
settings was being used
settings is being used
How did I manage that one
Moved dmabuf and sreencopy backends into the same branch as different sources both provided by one plugin
Fixed install instructions
Added libx11-dev to .build.yml =( obs why
Added pkg-config to .build.yml
Moved to meson
8b4656a90bc7 — Jan Beich 11 months ago
Set mode when creating shm object
Similar to https://github.com/cyclopsian/wdisplays/pull/6

$ obs
info: Loaded scenes:
info: - scene 'Scene':
info:     - source: 'Wayland output' (wlrobs)
info: ------------------------------------------------
dup failed: Bad file descriptor

$ posixshmcontrol ls
MODE            OWNER   GROUP   SIZE    PATH
---------       foo     foo     33177600        /wlrobs