Volume: When the context is ready the volume will be queried for an initial value.
Moved .build.yml to meson
Moved to meson
Clicking a notification will now remove it
The whitelist/blacklist on notification is now per-instance and exec will now always be called
Added support for whitelisting and blacklisting different programs notifications
dlsym is now only called once for init and init_adv
External plugins are now loaded with RTLD_LOCAL
Made all of the internal volume procedures static
All internal plugin procedures must now be prefixed with rootbar_
Oops, that explains why some people had crashing issues
Hovering over workspace now has the same behavior as simple plugins
External no longer tries to perform operations when it doesn't correctly read a line
Added the ability to disable clicks on the bar
The hover selector now applies to all parents of a widget as well as the widget itself
Rootbar now deals with monitor resolution changes better
Fixed makefile
Added more advanced scrolling support and scrolling for external
Moved .builds/debian.yml to .build.yml
Added automated builds