Moved .builds/debian.yml to .build.yml
Added automated builds
Categorized the includes to make things a bit neater
Made sig static
Added the image plugin back
What retard decided that deleting a file should be part of saving said file
reload_css for the watch_css thread is now called on the GTK thread
Added support for watching the css/color files for changes
Added the ability to set margins on the bar
Added a sample config
Made the errors more humorous because reasons
Not zeroing the memory used by this struct caused SIGUSR2 to sometimes crash the bar
Cleaned up the memory leaks in reload_css(gpointer)
Added hot CSS reloading
Made reloading way simpler
Added support for escaping #s in the config
When forked we close stdout, stderr, and stdin to fully detach from the terminal
Removed the IN DEV banner from the README
Added the ability to specify plugins by position instead of specifying a position with the plugin
Added support for pango markup on simple plugins