Updated meson command in readme
Fixed linker warnings/errors
Bit shifts are now used instead of multiplication
The bus, device, and function numbers are now printed next to the PCIe vendor and device IDs
The bus variable is now called bus, this prevents it from overlapping with the counter used for looping through the mcfg entries
The PCIe functions are now queried, I also fixed a bug where not all devices on a bus were being queried
The maid is no longer spawned, I like the idea of a microkernel but for now it might not be practical, not sure
The DSDT is no longer verified
Removed the aml source
The PCIe bus is now queried for devices and the device IDs are printed
Removed the separate kernel and maid build configs, added pcie.c to the main meson.build
Removed unneeded kmain_maid_spawn() declaration
Fixed overflow code for 32-bit ACPI timers
The register specification for sleeping is now __ so you can build with non-gnu C standards
Added PCIe configuration space header structs
Moved the mcfg definition to acpi.h and added pcie.c and pcie.h in preparation for pcie support
Defined missing fields in the fadt
Changed the preferred_pm_profile variable in the fadt to use the power_profile enum
The fadt flags are now a bit field
Added apic_timer_sleep_us()