Związki chemiczne według pierwiastków: 2022 update, Python 3
Update to Pywikibot 7.5.0 running on Python 3
Do not create [[Same|Same]] links, kudos to malarz_pl
Error handling during XML parsing
Merge local changes
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Dodane skrypty do sprawdzania open proxy
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Merged in PeterBowman/bot/PeterBowman/avoid-using-audious-with-nonus-english-a-1477594450409 (pull request #2)

Avoid using {{audioUS}} with non-US English, add support for {{audioAU}}
Avoid using {{audioUS}} with non-US English, add support for {{audioAU}}
MalarzBOT upiera się, że musi być ==
Don't remove plain [ ] that do not constitute links.
Add categories for bot-generated pages

Otherwise our pages end up in
[[Special:Uncategorized pages]]

Pointed-out-by: Openbk
Reformat: squash newlines
Bots should not fight
allelements -> allarticles
Move chemical compound index to the main namespace
This it not a 'minor edit'
Add python logging, re-enable meta