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 This [ScriptRunner for Jira](https://scriptrunner.adaptavist.com/latest/index.html) script lets your Jira send event updates to a Google Chat (https://chat.google.com) room.
 The chat room is notified by webhook, and in this implementation, the webhook is read per-issue from a custom field. This means that chat notification needs to be explicitly configured per-issue. Feel free to modify the code (`getWebhookUrl`) to just return a static webhook URL for all issues.
 ## Installation

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 ### Debugging
 If it doesn't work, check the ScriptRunner listener history, where you can see any failures in the logs, or HTTP failure messages returned from Google. 
+## Development notes
+I initially was posting GChat messages using the [card format](https://developers.google.com/hangouts/chat/reference/message-formats/cards), which seems (at first) ideal for key-value pairs. However in practice the card format doesn't work: horizontal width is clipped to about 5cm, and there is no way to format blockquoted text. So I switched to the [basic format](https://developers.google.com/hangouts/chat/reference/message-formats/basic), and have converted Jira wiki markup to GChat markup as far as possible.