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 ## Development notes
 I initially was posting GChat messages using the [card format](https://developers.google.com/hangouts/chat/reference/message-formats/cards), which seems (at first) ideal for key-value pairs. However in practice the card format doesn't work: horizontal width is clipped to about 5cm, and there is no way to format blockquoted text. So I switched to the [basic format](https://developers.google.com/hangouts/chat/reference/message-formats/basic), and have converted Jira wiki markup to GChat markup as far as possible.
+As for future work, it would be nice if we could @mention people like the assignee. That would require looking up GChat user IDs via an authenticated REST call, then persisting the username -> GChatUserID mappings, perhaps using [ActiveObjects](https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Marketplace-Apps-Integrations/Active-Objects-in-a-ScriptRunner-plugin/qaq-p/624518), so that it is cached across events.