Script for managing current/ and previous/ symlinks in a versioned directory


Bash utility to sort files with dependencies, using in-file @provides and @requires markers


Mercurial hg-prompt extension with Python3 compatibility


An email preprocessor for use with Jira's email handler, adding a wiki-formatted block of headers to the top of the email body


PL/pgSQL script to bulk move worklogs between issues


Let Jira message Google Chat. https://www.redradishtech.com/display/KB/A+Jira+bot+for+Google+Chat


JSP scripts to temporarily become a different user in Atlassian JIRA and Confluence


Python script that sends an email to a configured address that Jira is known to be polling, and then checks Jira to see if that email appeared as a comment.


https://lnav.org syntax files for Atlassian apps