Added tag 0.16.0 for changeset 78437c231d46
groupinfo: fix header title
pkg: handle tsinfo and groupinfo
search/group: a distinct colored badge for the bound formulas
groupinfo/bindings: open series in another browser tab
search: show a relevant number of things (series / groups)
missing license file
tsinfo: rename action
tsinfo: add the delete action
groupinfo: complete the delete action
groupinfo: start a delete action
info: moved viewlog
groupinfo: provide a link to the bound formula
groupinfo: show the bindings of a bound formula group
test: make sure groups and series are tz-compatible
search: a better switch widget for series <-> groups mode change
search: completed the dual-mode series/groups

WIP: groups vs sources
search: filters for groups

At this point we are halfway to completely enable the group filtering.
search: get the group formula and metadata