Added tag 0.11.2 for changeset d1d5415b84ae
remove setup.cfg

We only build pure python on py3 these days.
pkg: prepare 0.11.2
Better error message on specification parsing
Backport spec error rendering
Fix rendering of no argument operator
Fix Wrong OptArg rendering branch
elm/json: better elm-css, drop bogus murmur dep
remove unused resources
Fix failing tests
Fix TsView.Formula.Spec.Render
Render argument label
add deasEndsToString function for better error message
editor: remove font-awesome (very heavy and unicode symbols work as well)
Added tag 0.11.1 for changeset ae8dc847692d
708c2fcd1f48 — Arnaud Campeas 7 months ago
setup: update version of dash and components
info/idates: reduce a bit the debounce lag value
info: do not use supervision status to infer formula-ness

It is not reliable. Instead, really try to fetch the formula.
Added tag 0.11.0 for changeset 3db80d14653e