Added tag 0.9.2 for changeset ecd870375fba
remove setup.cfg

We only build pure python on py3 these days.
pkg: prepare 0.9.2
test: use the empty_series helper
cli/fix-supervision-status: fix it
tsio: silence a pandas warning
test: adjust for tshistory change (return from unknown revision)

Also pin down the minnimum viable tshistory version.
Added tag 0.9.1 for changeset 9c062bf82a5e
tsio/update: do not crash on empty series creation
test: exhibit issue when creating an empty series
follow change in tshistory core (no diff now yields an empty series)
Added tag 0.9.0 for changeset 863e4564c16e
test: use the tshistory assert_df utility, which handles pandas variations
api: full multi-source for `edited` and `supervision_status`
test/api: prepare multi-source test
api: add `supervision_status` protocol
doc: update the uri (bb ->
doc/readme: introduce the `supervision-status` metadata attribute