test/web: adjust after changes in tsview
migration: prepare 0.9
webapp: the separate "historic" view has been retired from tsview

It is now integrated into the rest.
formula-batch: move page to tsview
reduce_frequency: on empty stamps sequence, do not stop

Depending on the policy configuration this condition
can indeed happen in the wild.
webapp/editor: the editor has been reimplemented in elm
build: tswatch is no longer there
build: remove the --prefer-binary flag

It used to be useful (apparently not so with bookworm), and in fact we
observe it is actually harmful since it provokes a re-downloading of
pypi-hosted things, negating all the previous local setups.

Go figure pip !
blueprint/formulas: in the batch ingester, catch a more precise exception type
cache: formula dependent comparison with the good sign
tsio: pass the display and remote parameters to _expanded_formula
test/tsio: remove test for a feature that has been removed
tasks: add replicate_series task
blueprint/validate_formula: new error detections for syntax and timezone

it's now more aligned with "really do it"
webapp: have an AppMaker object to ease customisation

It turns out people may want to extend api points etc.
Providing extension hooks using a class will make that approchable.

The tswatch package is now provided by refinery_pro.
webapp: stop passing a useless permissions callback
wsgi: drop the (now unused) proxyfix thing and use the nosecurity context

The nosecurity middleware will put all users as admins.
webapp: better name for the object that carries the api points
http: introduce required roles on the relevant routes
follow change in tshistory_formula (renaming of operator today -> now)