adjust to change in tshistory_rest
Added tag 0.1.0 for changeset aa1441794067
pkg: tighten a bit the dependencies
test: remove old and useless test
test: fix empty series
api: make sure `revision_date` is tz-aware
test: exhibit issue with flying today + naive revision date

This is concerning as what comes from Excel tends to be naive.
fix issue with `constant` operator

We still do not deal properly with autotrophic operators in general.
test: exhibit issue with `constant` operator upload
formula-upload: make sure the local formula has the right metadata

Switching to the api object helps quite a lot getting it accross
instances ...
tests/web: exhibit metadata handling issue

We create a remote formula and when importing it locally through the
form we have no metadata on the local formula referencing the remote.
tsio: silence a pylint warning
missing .hgignore file
tests/webapp: we have metadata
test/webapp: fix missing operator
test/webapi: use tshistory testutil helpers
test/tsio: cleanup
test/webapi: cleanup
operators: silence a pandas warning