tsio/register-formula: do not lose the previous user metadata in case of an update
tests: show that updating a formula wipes its metadata
operators/series: fix documentation typo
helper/expanded: provide a `stopnames` argument to limit expansion

For all matching series expression whose `name` argument is in
`stopnames`, expansion is skipped.

A use case will be some later chirurgy on the relevant expressions.
test/cli: update-metadata
cli/update-metadata: allow to specify one series and show the tzawareness
Added tag 0.8.1 for changeset 5bd44046b964
operators/today: fix corner cases yielding naive stamps
operators/constant: do not crash on a naive query
test/operators/constant: exhibit issue with naive query
evaluator: attempt to work around broken stdlib ThreadPoolExecutor

We take a very stripped down version of it, and pray it works better.
Surely, simpler is better, for a start :)
operators/constant: honor the from/to value date from the query
Added tag 0.8.0 for changeset 99b19ab5c39b
test/constant: exhibit an error related to time-travelling `today`

If we accept naive revision dates we probably should make sure
they get tz-aware, or we blow up.

Because of some troubled clients (xl ?) we will have to be forgiving.
use the `empty_series` helper to build correct empty series

Especially a correct datetime index (naive or tzaware).
test/constant: assert more edge cases
operators/constant: make the editor happy by declaring a Number rather than a float
8ee7a83dd0d3 — Arnaud Campeas 2 months ago
operators/groups: exhibit behaviour with ffill and bounds out of data