Added tag 0.8.2 for changeset 080b7eda66ee
diff zone: bail out if the series is not local
957f945287bd — Arnaud Campeas 7 months ago
setup: update version of plotly, dash and components
Added tag 0.8.1 for changeset ed51bdc85b4e
editor/diff: fix tzaware edition
extract tstamp handling to a function
missing adjustment to tshistory
diff: a better name
diff: print exception traceback on error
editor/primary: missing from/to restriction
Added tag 0.8.0 for changeset bc7c3a039d6a
doc: host the illustration in the repo
doc/pkg: use the new repo uris
editable-table: handle tz-aware series
editor/editable table: restrict the series query to the needed range
use the tshistory.api object