api/find: extend to federated instances
api/basket: extend to federated instances
cli/migrate-to-baskets: a schema migration command for the baskets feature
util/compatible_date: align tzaware dates to utc

Pandas is dumber and dumber on this.
test/tsio: exhibit failure with boundaries expressed in different tzones
http/client: add error handling on 401
http/client: replace requests by session for group_insertiondates and group_history

It is necessary because the self.session object carries authentication
search/inequalities: add support for strings

This is injection prone and we should start to search
a robust solution asap.
Added tag 0.18.0 for changeset baebfb0a5244
search: add missing equality (!) comparator
fix a bunch of (mostly annotation) issues using pytype

The pyproject.toml will help pytype.
search: provide inequality operators for the metadata values
http-client/catalog: have a timeout there

When a secondary source is unavailable this will help
unblock the views using this (e.g. tsview catalog).
internal_metadata/http: get the internal metadata right the first time
tsio/find: better sort by the db backend
api/basket_definition: also allow to retrieve the query associated with a basket
tsio/basked_definition: expose a specific api point to retrieve the basket definition
api: make a bunch of docstrings better
api/basket: complete api points for the series baskets

Baskets are stored dynamic queries that yield series lists.