tsio/get: remove unneeded f-string there
33b5e3151ac6 draft — Loic Balland a month ago
strip function exposed on the api layer
util/serialization: a note for later
api: allow to specify a custom client class

This will be useful for extensions / experiments.
remove setup.cfg

We only build pure python on py3 these days.
Added tag 0.12.3 for changeset cb0c30bdf81a
api: make sure all inputs related to insertion_dates are tzaware

We decide to go lenient there as some values
come from an Excel client and it can be annnoying
to deal with it upstream.
util: provide an `empty_series` helper

This will help make empty series with the right dtype,
name, and especially index type.
tsio/guard: add a safety belt for non-datetime indexes
test: exhibit unnice behaviour when a fancy index is provided
util: coerce float32 series into float64 series
test: show that we ingest float32 series without much thinking
util: provide a debugging help

Quick-setting server-side debugging sessions with this
will help a bit.
cli/doc: spell fix
api/db: allow the connection pool to grow quite large

This is not something we can easily control otherwise.
tests: silence a pandas warning
Added tag 0.12.2 for changeset f496cebf01e3
tsio/replace: return en empty series rather than None (to mirror .update)
pkg: prepare 0.12.2