Added tag 0.13.0 for changeset 95c66cb6db4d
style: help a bit the schedulers buttons
complete the action to launch a prepared task
blueprint/iofilehint: do not crash if there is no task list
elm/scheduler: prepare a button to immediately launch a prepared task

The actual action is yet to come.
Added tag 0.12.0 for changeset a7245bfe0f03
blueprint/schedule2: use the type converter to send well typed inputs to `schedule`
pkg: lxml is needed for the tests
Added tag 0.11.0 for changeset 49325f09ec9f
info: wrap queud/started/... into proper divs
info-for: provide an empty list for absent input/output specs
info: missing jquery dependency (for bootstrap)
info: put "no input/output" in a div
pkg: build the elm files at pip install time
elm/info: remove debug statements
tasks/result-download: have a spacer there

Apparently bootstrapified buttons have that but not
the "a" elements.
tasks: also show the singleton output/result file if there is one