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-This is a python task scheduling and execution tool, which needs only
-python and Postgres to work.
+`rework` is a distributed execution system for the execution of tasks
+that can belong to independant python environments and code bases,
+even hosted on different computers.
+The only constraint is that postgres must be accessible from all nodes
+of a given `rework` installation.
 ## Principles

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@@ 104,7 104,7 @@ This being done, we can start writing ou
            print('I am done')
-   if __name__ == '__main__':
+   def main(uri):
        engine = create_engine(

@@ 119,6 119,9 @@ This being done, we can start writing ou
        assert t1.output == 'hellohello'
        assert t2.output == 200
+  if __name__ == '__main__':
+      main('postgres://babar:password@localhost:5432/jobstore')
 Here we have defined a dummy task that will print a bunch of
 sentences, doubler the input value and save a result back.