io/boolean: add a boolean input type for convenience
have a __version__ attribute in the package root
cleanups after a linter pass
build: put pystuck where it is needed
tasks/capturelog: deprecate the `sync` parameter and remove the threaded flush of the logs.
tasks/capturelogs: at std flush time, force it

It is quite unclear why it is needed now.
We have a suspicion of something having changed between Python 3.19
and 3.10 but no smoling gun.
build: use tox to run the tests
pkg: prepare 0.16
pkg: block the sqlalchemy newest major version
start using pytype

We take a slightly controversial decision concerning the return
of Task.bytype ... we will see :)
cli/vacuum: accept a --domain option (defaults to "default")
Added tag 0.15.1 for changeset 98a012e69f19
cli/vacuum: have a --days parameter rather than --finished

It is less precise but more convenient.
Added tag 0.15.0 for changeset e9ecc528967a
api: better indication of what operation is ambiguous
scheduler: avoid overlapping scheduling of the same tasks

For this we fundamentally use the `max_instances = 1` behaviour of
the base apscheduler.

We need to give add_job a function that runs until the end. This will
enable appscheduler to not schedule a new task if the previous is not
test: show that scheduled tasks can overlap
helper/prepared: a small function to get the pre-scheduled tasks and their payload