pkg: forbid sqlalchemy 2
Added tag 0.3.2 for changeset be341509a1ea
pkg: follow weird psycopg2 packaging policy change
Added tag 0.3.1 for changeset b745326898cd
test: do not fail on rmtree if the cluster is uncreated
pkg: prepare 0.3.0
doc: mention the configuration amend ability

Related to #4.
db: allow to edit the postgresql.conf file at cluster creation time

Resolves #4.
db: fix typo and add a note on the path issue
Added tag 0.2.0 for changeset e05c3ec11ef0
pkg: ship as a universal wheel
pkg: add trove classifiers
pkg: prepare version 0.2.0
doc: lower case the 2nd rank titles
doc: complete readme with the callback capability
fixture: accept a schema initialization callback

Since drop_all + create_all is too simplistic for anything

Resolves #3.
first version published on pypi
doc: provide a small README
db: advise to check the PATH in case of command failure