Added tag 1.21 for changeset fefa8128073b
pkg: drop py2 compat advertising, prepare 1.21
tests: assertEquals -> assertEqual (the former is deprecated)
cgi -> html (cgi is deprecated)
Added tag 1.20 for changeset 222e57d12fd6
fix no escape + child node
test: exhibit error situation when appending a node to an un-escaped node
Added tag 1.9 for changeset bb441058a6e3
pkg: really produce a universal wheel
pkg: bump version
pkg: missing python 2.7
Added tag 1.17 for changeset 02c4167da09c
tests: please python 2
pkg: the "pyhtml" name being already taken (by PyHTML) we change to "pml"
pythml/doc: prefer py3k style prints, add quick-changelog entry for the html-> pyhtml transition
pkg: update the ot account for the new package name
doc: remove content-less README