era5: add scheduling for wind recuperation
tasks: add retry to failing tasks
tasks: add timeout to meteo tasks
era5: add scraper
ecmwf: remove precip from ens recuperation due to memory issue
update method: change replace by update and correct tzinfo
gfs: add scraper
ecmwf: correct bug on ensemble ingest
ecmwf: change task schedule after analysing timing outputs
ecmwf: don't run ingest if dowload failed
ecmwf: correct seriesname granularity
ecmwf: add test to better understand what is happening with memory
ecmwf: try new way to extract values
ecmwf: avoid memory issue by splitting ens grib file
ecmwf: separe task in two steps and add filename to function definition
ecmwf: need stringpath to read file
tasks: add domain to tasks
ecmwf: add scraper for hres and ens forecasts