Added tag 0.2.0 for changeset 413d4f600190
retire the `sortdict`, now useless since py3 (from 3.6) dicts are insert order sorted
provide a __repr__ and __str__ for the reader object

Will help while in debugging sessions.
tox.ini: remove dead option
highlight the missing __str__ and __repr__ generic methods
pkg: provide the current hosting url
pkg: use a proper package layout

It helps pytest out of its current confusion.
version 0.1.0 pushed on pypi
b8f7f093cc96 — Aurélien Campéas 0.1.0 5 years ago
start a small README
f9843a081501 — Aurélien Campéas 5 years ago
tests: aknowledge that the previous fix gave us `path` in first position

which closes #2
15ba17e6c8e0 — Aurélien Campéas 5 years ago
reader: fix the copy constructor

closes #3
packaging (, tox.ini,
change the module name

"from inireader import reader" is quite less involved than
"from inireader.config import config"
backport the mercurial config object for general use