Added tag 0.4.0 for changeset 769b47a2c2a5
hgignore: filter out test files and pytype folder
doc/readme: bring clarity
api/stores: fix the handling of falsy not None values
make sure we are robust in the face of fancy namespace names
an initial continuous integration spec

Add missing `pytz` dependency, pin sqlalchemy to 1.x
cli/migrate-to-kv-store: a command to upgrade the local schema with the new kv stores
doc/readme: document the new kvstore and vkvstore
api/vkvstore: .set gets a public insertion_date parameter and a safety assertion
api/vkvstore: provide an access to the version timestamps
api/vkvstore: make sure we get the right version if asked

schema: make sure the idate field is unique
api/vkvstore: a versioned key/value store
hgignore: prune more things
api/kvstore: a .keys() method
api/kvstore: a simple key/value store with string keys and json values
api/cache: allow fancy namespaces with quoting
api/cache: accept string keys