A flask component to visualize the contents of a tshistory time series repository.


A rest api and web ui for the rework task scheduler.


An extension of tshistory which provides a supervision workflow. Series have two sources: automatic and manual, and override rules between automatic/manual. sources.


A small library to store historized timeseries. Written in Python + Postgres.


Integration of tshistory store, supervision, formula, view, excel client and api


Excel client for tshistory


A formula extension for tshistory, providing computed series.


A basic Scheme parser and evaluator (derived from Norvig's `lispy`) to expose python functions.


A pytest automatic engine fixture managing a postgres cluster.


A a python task scheduling and execution tool, which needs only python and Postgres to work.


A dirt-simple postgresql-based cache system


Inireader provides a simple API to handle ini style files.


Python client to talk to a tshistory time series store through its rest api endpoint (provided in `tshistory_rest`).


Provides a rest api front for tshistory.

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