Add some images and gifs
Add note about how I connect to wifi.
Add note about dns
Update note about irc on plan9
Small changes to lets encrypt, and add mordor gif
Updates again:

write about a simple fs for trello.
write about tls certificates on 9front.
change page sub-title.
add note about basic 9p server
Add note about net booting.
Update topbar and add note about the website repo
css: add cat-v's default style; fix pre tag fontsize in it
ce35617607e1 — 3 years ago
sites/ update for 1.5 release
8d3571e9c974 — 3 years ago
lib/404.tpl: remove google javascript
0d49d2d45e4a — 3 years ago
sites/ fix markdown display formatting for example commands.
29de48ebc54c — 3 years ago
add bin/contrib/fix-rc-scripts (thanks, Ethan Gardner)