extract frame check into function, usable by other modules
configreader: sphinx rst file and doc tweaks
add test module for configreader
clean up version fallback stuff from configreader

also remove junk (testing) main section
add convenient Makefile and MANIFEST.in to make sdist work
fix sphinx warning
convert option names with dashes to underscores when used a kwargs
add bare bones start of sphinx docs
commander: more docstrings
verify that exact 'name within name' is still unambiguous
test commander passes thru deeper TypeErrors correctly
commander: specific error for mismatched args
commander: test main dispatch and errors
commander: add main(...) function and some docstrings
commander: more tests for help behavior
commander: test and fix fancy help handling
testing commands launching and help
commander: implement the 'add' CommandTable decorator
commander: add tests and fix exposed bugs
create new commander modules for commands, begin tests