Exploring Ceph through Go
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#faintglance - Ceph Jiggery-Pokery in Go


Think of it of something roughly equilvant to the 'ceph' command line tool. But written in Go. And really immature. And it probably donsn't work. And it might teleport your pets across the galaxy. You've been warned.

MIT License.


Currently this is pretty much a personal exploration of some of the underlying features and behviors of ceph. It is built upon the go-ceph library. That library is more of a $dayjob thing while this is largely for fun and learning.


#Build it:


  • Install ceph devel packages for your Linux distro.
  • Install the Go language toolchain for your system.


make build
./faintglance --help

#Try it:

# Some mds examples:
./faintglance mds
./faintglance mds --destination=Z session ls
# Some mon exmpales:
./faintglance mon
./faintglance mon fs subvolume create cephfs bob

#Infrequently Asked Questions

  • Why 'faintglance'?

    • A mollusk takes "just one faint glance" back to the sea. All cephalpods are mollusks. They live in the sea. A glance is a quick look. See, makes perfect sense.
  • Why Go?

    • That's what I use at work. It's very popular in the container space too. It's fine.