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 Alisa's paths forward policy
-Last updated 2020-01-01.
+Last updated 2020-02-22.

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 My goal is to post at least once per day, except when I'm taking a break. I may take up to two breaks per year, each of which could last for up to two weeks. Starting 2019-12-01, I will log (in my records) the URL of at least one of the FI posts I make each day.
-As of 2020-01-01, I've been posting at least once per day for 82 days.
+As of 2020-02-22, I've been posting at least once per day for 133 days.
 I've started using a program called asciinema to make screencasts of my terminal when I compose FI posts. I expect these screencasts will help me be able to look back later to see how I made particular mistakes in my posts.

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 Here are the philosophy topics I plan to learn and write about, in order of descending priority:
-1. [Elliot Temple, *English Language, Analysis & Grammar*](https://fallibleideas.com/grammar). I'm currently doing the exercises at the end of Part 3.
+1. [Elliot Temple, *English Language, Analysis & Grammar*](https://fallibleideas.com/grammar). I've started Part 4.
 2. [Elliot Temple, *Videos: Grammar and Analyzing Text*](https://gumroad.com/l/dRQhn). I haven't started this yet.
-3. [Elliot Temple, *Yes or No Philosophy*](https://yesornophilosophy.com/). I'm currently on 7 - Article - Justification and Problems.
-4. Other grammar stuff (including, perhaps: Foerster & Steadman, *Writing & Thinking - Grammar*).
+3. [Elliot Temple, *Yes or No Philosophy*](https://yesornophilosophy.com/). I'm on question #2 in 17 - "Check Your Understanding".
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