daily posting streak, line break errors, & my progress on studying philosophy
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 My goal is to post at least once per day, except when I'm taking a break. I may take up to two breaks per year, each of which could last for up to two weeks. Starting 2019-12-01, I will log (in my records) the URL of at least one of the FI posts I make each day.
-As of 2019-12-01, my streak of posting once per day is 51 days long.
-(My streak would be 153 days long, except that I missed 2019-10-11. I thought I sent a post that day, but I must not have hit "Send". I sent it the next day, along with my regular post for that day. To help prevent this mistake from recurring, I've updated my posting policy to require me to record the URL for at least one of the posts that I send each day.)
-## Share screencasts of me composing FI posts
+As of 2020-01-01, I've been posting at least once per day for 82 days.
 I've started using a program called asciinema to make screencasts of my terminal when I compose FI posts. I expect these screencasts will help me be able to look back later to see how I made particular mistakes in my posts.

@@ 88,11 84,12 @@ In addition to the above, I'm focused on
 - non sequiturs
-- formatting errors
+- formatting errors. On 2020-01-02, I added some checks for incorrect line breaks to a program I run to check my posts before sending them. These new checks would have caught the incorrect line breaks in [my 2019-12-17 curi.us comment#14889](http://curi.us/2234-open-discussion-2-2019#14889) and my [2019-12-31 Unwelcome Tenant FI post](https://groups.google.com/d/msg/fallible-ideas/lZKXPRg7h6s/s8q04cfqBQAJ).
 ## Topic sentences
 The [topic sentence](https://owl.english.purdue.edu/engagement/2/1/29/) is the sentence that identifies the main idea in a paragraph.
 The topic sentence is usually the first sentence in a paragraph. 
 Starting 2019-09-16, before reading or sending any FI post, I aim to reread the first sentence of each paragraph.

@@ 138,13 135,13 @@ For me, "complex sentence structure" inc
 Here are the philosophy topics I plan to learn and write about, in order of descending priority:
-1. [Elliot Temple, *English Language, Analysis & Grammar*](https://fallibleideas.com/grammar).
+1. [Elliot Temple, *English Language, Analysis & Grammar*](https://fallibleideas.com/grammar). I'm currently doing the exercises at the end of Part 3.
-2. [Elliot Temple, *Videos: Grammar and Analyzing Text*](https://gumroad.com/l/dRQhn).
+2. [Elliot Temple, *Videos: Grammar and Analyzing Text*](https://gumroad.com/l/dRQhn). I haven't started this yet.
-3. [Elliot Temple, *Yes or No Philosophy*](https://yesornophilosophy.com/).
+3. [Elliot Temple, *Yes or No Philosophy*](https://yesornophilosophy.com/). I'm currently on 7 - Article - Justification and Problems.
-4. Other grammar stuff (including, perhaps: Foerster & Steadman, *Writing & Thinking - Grammar*)
+4. Other grammar stuff (including, perhaps: Foerster & Steadman, *Writing & Thinking - Grammar*).
 ## Replies to me by top FI list posters: