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 - 2021-01-01 - [Elliot Temple, "Lying"]( Analyze this essay. The addition of this item to my reading list was prompted by this reply to me: [Elliot Temple, "Alisa's discussion problems" (2018-03-17)](
   - 2019-10-13 update: I plan to revisit this after I better understand grammar and Yes or No philosophy. I bumped the year in the review date from 2019 to 2021.
-2020-09-11 update: There are a fair number of messages from the past few months that I've been meaning to follow up on. I intend to add them to my learning plan soon in order to better keep track of them.
+# Things to revisit, without dates
+The threads above are older. Here some more recent messages I haven't yet replied to, but plan to:
+- [curi's reply to my partially-formed thoughts on good & evil]( I posted my partially-formed thoughts on 2020-02-19. On 2020-02-20, curi replied stating that my message read like a bunch of assertions. He also suggested that I explain what some of my terms mean.
+- [Unwelcome Tenant short story]( I posted this on 2019-12-31. I meant to reply with some of my comments on it.
+- [Discussion w/anon of whether a used bookseller's comment "rekt" Amazon]( On 2020-05-25, anon asked me what my goal in the conversation was.
+- [Discussion w/curi about the space of ideas being initially sparse]( On 2020-04-18, curi replied to me. 
+- [Discussion about why I shared a meme mocking "incels"]( On 2020-05-09, qqbb replied to me with some comments about honest introspection and how attempting to avoid false statements could interfere with my attempts at honest introspection.
+- [YESNO check your understanding question: "What's wrong with arguments having an amount of strength?"]( On 2020-06-20, curi replied to me with some criticisms of my answer to this question.