Fix licence
c904984a3d71 — 2 years ago
made it better and added data and converter, as well as bv colour calculations
898ed63c4ce6 — 2 years ago
remove leftover files
560f527c245e — 2 years ago
update main README
60127ea205e0 — 2 years ago
modify and extend the syntax to a simple lisp-like one
9ae1c536dbec — 2 years ago
first commit of skywatch (broken)
16fafd86fc04 — 2 years ago
fix lexer and add cmd parser + examples
67f89fbe55b0 — 2 years ago
update licence info
be34223b93a0 — 2 years ago
first (untested) commit of the 'sky' mini-collection of astronomical tools
modified version of acme Mail with editable From: address