Simple Aviation Weight/Balance Calculator
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#Aviation Weight/Balance Calculator

This program makes it easy to do your weight and balance calculations so you can determine your position in the performance envelope before you take off into the wild blue yonder!

Program screenshot.


This project is still under development, so there's no nice executable to download. However, it's not too hard to deal with:

  • Download and install Java -- used for the GUI.
  • Download and install newLisp -- language this is written in.
  • Download wb.lsp to somewhere convenient.
  • Run with command "newlisp wb.lsp".

To use:

  • Enter the appropriate numbers for your airplane -- see Section 6, Weight & Balance of the POH.
  • Use [tab] to jump between fields.
  • Use [enter] to recalculate result.

This form uses the Island Air Flight School format.


Feel free to file an Issue or see the newLisp forum thread.


I believe that this program works as described, but any use is at YOUR OWN RISK.