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Have you ever seen the detective movies where the guy has a bunch of index cards strung together on a corkboard with multicoloured yarn? Storytrace is something like that, but for a computer.

Program screenshot.

The interface is a bit clumsy right now, and it's still very much under development. However, it has a neat halo interface for node manipulation on the canvas that might be worth a look.


This project is still under development. However, it's not too hard to deal with:

  • Download and install Java -- used for the GUI.
  • Download and install newLisp -- language this is written in.
  • Clone repository.
  • Run with command "newlisp st.lsp".

There's a sample project (saved in %nodes.lsp) already set up. Try clicking on a node, then on one of the icons to move it around.

In addition, there's a "compiled" executable in "versions/windows" which you can copy up to the top level and run by itself (you still need Java available and it also wants the %nodes.lsp file and the %i/ directory.


Sago's comment on the Ink Scripting language:

Ink is most similar to ChoiceScript [0], which powers Choice of Games's Games. Twine [1] has the same structure but is a visual editor, not a scripting language. Undum [2] produces the same kind of system, but is Javascript rather than its own syntax. Dendry [3] powered Varytale's games, but the open source version seems abandoned. For completeness, though a webapp not a language, StoryNexus [4] is a hosted platform with a database-like interface (fill in a bunch of forms), it powers Failbetter's Games.

Inform7 is very impressive as a natural language syntax. But the kinds of 'parser' based games it is best suited for have always been rather niche, because they require a certain familiarity with the form.

[0]: https://www.choiceofgames.com/make-your-own-games/choicescri... [1]: https://twinery.org/2/#welcome [2]: http://undum.com/ [3]: http://dendry.org/ [4]: http://storynexus.com/s