Updated index.html.
Got multi tile advance working. I hope.
Added tag v1.0.1 for changeset 75e3bc206cf1
Got sleeping working.
Added tag v1.0.0 for changeset 4fb6fe744ee6
Hid score in HUD for now.
Got collision with ball working. HUD text for PAWSing and WAITing to prompt user as needed.
Got better motion for ball. Added sfx.
Made yarnball bigger, got a better random drop rate...
Got yarnball rolling down pyramid mostly correctly.
Got yarnball rolling down pyramid mostly correctly.
Adding yarnball mob.
Added tag v0.9.2 for changeset cd722b0bba4f
Kicking version number.
Now advances through levels.
Now recognizes when levels completed.
Rework how levels are defined. Set up names and colours for levels 1-3. Working out how to make level transitions work. Added level-set function to reset things for a level.
Added tag v0.9.0 for changeset f15fa0a55e8a
Adding comment.
Adding more character animtation got dropping working.