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 This is a submission to the 2019 Lisp Games Jam.
-Keep your Dragon out of trouble as you fly through the clouds!
+Your dragon cruises the sky, following the magic pearl which you
+control! However, those pesky clouds are spoiling the view! Lead your
+dragon through the clouds to bust them up and make the sky safe for
+## Instructions
+Use your mouse to move the pearl, which the dragon will follow. When
+you he scores a direct hit on a cloud with his nose, it will dissipate
+and add to your score. Missed clouds reduce it! The game ends when _you_
+decide you're done.
+Use the "d" key to turn on the debug display, showing cloud centroids,
+the dragon IK chain and hitbox as well as the trail left by your mouse
 ## Requirements
-* Windows 7+
+* Anything that [Dr. Racket]( runs on.
 ## Implementation
 * Dr. Racket
+## License
+GPL 3+