I am the sort of person who fades comfortably into a greenish grey background.


Something like Q*bert, but with cat...


Steam+SPARK: Adventure game entry for 2020 Spring Lisp Games Jam!


Emacs animation and rendering.


Creates a simple performance/exercise menu. List some tasks (flight maneuvers, types of push-ups, whatever), then run the menu. It generates a restaurant-style menu with random tasks to be accomplished. Useful for drill when you don't have someone else to come up with the next thing to do.


Microserver to perform simple tasks on a user's machine at the direction of a central server.


Simple Aviation Weight/Balance Calculator


A tool for laying out story events. In development.


Tiny node-based compositor.


An implementation of Jef Raskin's FLOW computer language and programming environment (easy chairs not included).


Castle Monsterous for the 2018 itch.io Lisp game jam.


Experiments with Genetic Algorithms.


This is a submission to the 2019 Lisp Games Jam.


Simple dependent operations library.


Simple Lisp style structure editor.


SVG "Boxes and Arrows" editor -- doesn't work. Yet.

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