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+Title: New Release - Version 0.2.0
+Published: 2020-12-20
+Author: ociaw
+Category: Releases
+RandN v0.2.0 has been released! It's available at
+[NuGet](https://www.nuget.org/packages/RandN/0.2.0) and
+[GitHub](https://github.com/ociaw/RandN/releases/tag/v0.2.0). Highlights of this release include:
+- `ChaCha` is now SIMD accerated and has between 6x-11x higher throughput on CPUs supporting AVX2
+on .NET Core 3.1 and 5+ compared to .NET Framework 4.7.2.
+- The `RandN.Distributions` namespace has been reworked significantly to make discovery and usage
+- Comprehensive unit test coverage.
+- Many bugs found and fixed thanks to improved testing.
+- This fancy documentation website!
+A full list of changes, including breaking changes from v0.1 to v0.2, is included further below.
+### What's next?
+More distributions and more RNG algorithms - whether or not these will be included alongside
+`RandN`'s primary NuGet package or on another is still TBD.
+More efficient one-off range distribution - right now, an entire `Uniform` object must be built
+before sampling a range; this could make some use cases, such as the `RandomShim`, much more
+Improvements to website versioning - only the Docs and API need to be versioned, not the blog or
+the index page.
+## Full Changelog
+### New APIs
+- The marker-interface [IPortableDistribution<T>](/api/RandN/IPortableDistribution_1) has been
+created to mark distributions that provide portable and repeatable results across all platforms.
+Currently, the Bernoulli, the uniform `Decimal`, the uniform `TimeSpan`, and all the uniform
+integer distributions are portable.
+- Added [BlockBuffer32<TBlockRng, TBlockCounter>.BlockLength](/api/RandN.Implementation/BlockBuffer32_2/6839F0CC)
+ for consistency with [BlockBuffer32<TBlockRng>.BlockLength](/api/RandN.Implementation/BlockBuffer32_1/A6553A71).
+### Updated APIs
+- Uniform distributions now live have been grouped into nested classes under the
+[Uniform](/api/RandN.Distributions/Uniform/) static class. For example, `UniformInt32` has become
+- Unit interval distributions now live in the
+[Rand.Distributions.UnitInterval](/api/RandN.Distributions.UnitInterval/) namespace and have been grouped
+into nested classes. For example, `UnitInterval.OpenDouble` has become
+- Method arguments now have null-checks injected by
+[NullGuard.Fody](https://github.com/Fody/NullGuard) instead of relying on the honor system.
+- The `TRng` type parameter of
+[IRngFactory<TRng>](/api/RandN/IRngFactory_1/) and
+[IReproducibleRngFactory<TRng, TSeed>](/api/RandN/IRngFactory_2/) is
+now covariant (`IRngFactory<out TRng>`).
+- `BlockBuffer32<TBlockRng>.Length` has been renamed to `BlockLength`.
+### Removed APIs
+- Removed the `Sample` extension methods - these were questionably useful, and could be up to four
+times slower than their non-extension counterpart,
+### Bug fixes
+- Distributions returning floating point numbers would sometimes sample a number outside the
+desired range on .NET Framework x86, which can use 80-bit floating point calculations, instead of
+64-bit. Results are now forced to 64-bit precision before returning.
+- [`BitwiseExtensions.RotateRight`](/api/RandN.Implementation/BitwiseExtensions.RotateRight) now
+rotates bits right instead of left on .NET Core 3.1+.
+- All places where overflow is expected is now wrapped with `unchecked`.
+### Miscellaneous
+- Full test coverage, excluding portions that can't be tested without a big-endian processor.
+- Pure methods and properties in `RandN.Core` have been marked with the [Pure] attribute.
+- Use of C# 9 features across the board where possible.
+- Fixed a bunch of things suggested by ReSharper.
+- More benchmarks have been added.