Tear out incoming/outgoing functionality

This stuff is the most brittle part of hg-prompt, and I never use it.
I don't have the will to maintain it as Mercurial constantly breaks
backwards compatibility in their plugin API.  At this point I regret
ever writing a Mercurial extension.  I'm sick of the Hamster Wheel
of Backwards Incompatibility eating an hour of my life every time I
stupidly decide to upgrade my software.
dc481ce24b60 — Sascha Nemecek 6 years ago
fix error with hg versions <4.3 (regression from commit:4dddc56)
4dddc56c4c4b — Kevin Bullock 6 years ago
Use @registrar.command where available (hg 3.7+).
064a8c1d11be — Oben Sonne 7 years ago
Fix example of HGRC template in help output
Backout the daemon stuff
I fixed my deployed `hg-prompt` thinking I had done it
in the version I pushed to bitbucket. I only noticed it
because I had to reinstall. :/
o Daemonized the hg incoming/outgoing calls to increase responsiveness;
o Added zero option to incoming and outgoing that will expand 0 counts.
Fixed `hg help prompt-keywords` to display the help text
Clean up error message
add support for non-default remote with incoming/outgoing
Merged in sietsebb/hg-prompt (pull request #13)

Also hide ^ marker when on a non-tip head
Also hide ^ marker when on a non-tip head
e90cf5cad060 — Kevin Bullock 8 years ago
Use @cmdutil.command decorator to define command table.

It's been available for 5 years (since Mercurial 1.9), and Mercurial 3.8
deprecates the use of hand-built command tables as of 38dc3f28f478.
5dc059aeb5f4 — Kevin Bullock 8 years ago
Fix bookmark output on Mercurial 3.5.

Mercurial 3.5 renamed the `repo._bookmarkcurrent` attribute to
869146b8b9fb — Kevin Bullock 8 years ago
Test bookmark output.
003e92ae20da — Oben Sonne 7 years ago
Command line overwrites format string from HGRC

Also extends help to mention hgrc setting.
2e292ca8d768 — Oben Sonne 10 years ago
Add test for reading format string from HGRC