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bugs: add feature requests for b list --template and b list --all
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 Should output prefix of newly added bug if possible          | owner:Michael, open:False, id:1364b6de76f3b532867da63223a45d429ba08a46, time:1277687762.41
 New version testing collides with old b.version string       | owner:Michael, open:True, id:16d8ee7f1e369472542ac9cebecf2b113dfbaf23, time:1335967376.96
+Add support for hg b list --template TEMPLATE                | owner:, open:True, id:199de31487e43b849f026b2b813d3a2989088e30, time:1350779494.93
 list command reports no such file when bugs dir doesn't exist | owner:Michael, open:False, id:21d24c2b58102a88fa7d6ee78cd190c5b10dafa1, time:1278106675.1
 Need to add bug files automatically                          | owner:Michael, open:False, id:27e00056bfc988ab41c023b5c0a9db9f5e9fa527, time:1277581398.52
 missing unicode support                                      | owner:ArneBab, open:True, id:286b661789a9b4ae60ffd0754888cf43563ce668, time:1306670417.88
 add version command to report what version of b we're using  | owner:Michael, open:False, id:4982d102b75bda27e54c16293350ff561c248921, time:1278106694.44
 Ability to run read-only command from a specified revision -R | owner:Michael, open:False, id:6345fce4a284b182a376e1affa02eb774436689f, time:1319037514.92
+Add support for hg b list -A/--all                           | owner:, open:True, id:66b46dc4a021dcda7a17a8ee76bde490cafdc8e5, time:1350778593.68
 Files should be added to mercurial at the end, not the begining of the call | owner:Michael, open:False, id:6ba1ae74c48a6fd84c5d0698fa8169a28e88b343, time:1277680246.97
 Add commit action                                            | owner:Michael, open:True, id:7154f94cba830e0eadb82c7b22ec8d0970704d0a, time:1337638451.68
 hg b help should exist, and point to hg help b               | owner:Michael, open:False, id:7e79f51975af54656f9afdf6958df40c812b5278, time:1319064278.86

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+# Lines starting with '#' and sections without content
+# are not displayed by a call to 'details'
+Mercurial supports a --template option for many commands, and there are plans
+to add this support to all commands.  I'd like to see something similar
+supported within b.  The command that it would be most useful for would be
+b list, since it's clearly output-oriented.  The main usecases that I'm wishing
+for are: 
+"[{status}] {id|shortbid} - {title}\n"
+"{date|shortdate} {id|shortbid} - {title}\n"
+The first would be used for a list of all issues (assuming that the feature
+request in #66b46dc4 is implemented) and the second would be used to include
+the date of the bug's creation in the listing, especially when listing
+If possible, it would be desirable to support all installed Mercurial keyword
+Further thought would need to be given into what keywords make sense to
+support.  Here's one possible proposal:
+date: Date information. The date when the bug was created. This could be used
+    with the age filter or various other date formatting filters.
+details: String. The contents of the details file for the bug, if it exists.
+    Comment lines and sections without content are stripped, as they would be
+    in the output of hg b details.
+id: The full ID of the bug.  It might be useful to provide a 'shortbid' filter
+    to change this to a prefix of the ID, such as the first 8 characters.  For
+    display purposes, fixed lengths often work better than variable lengths.
+owner: String. The current owner of the bug.
+status: String. Either 'Open' or 'Resolved'.  It might be useful to provide a
+    'shortbstatus' filter (similar to shortbisect) that changes this into a
+    single character, either 'O' or 'R'.
+title: String. The name/title of the bug.
+All of these except for title can be satisfied based solely on data in the bugs
+file.  If adding the details token increased the complexity, I think it would be
+fine to omit it; I'm not sure it's really that useful.
+# Comments and updates - leave your name

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+# Lines starting with '#' and sections without content
+# are not displayed by a call to 'details'
+It would be useful to have the ability to list all bugs.  Currently, it is
+possible to list the unresolved bugs with hg b list and the resolved bugs
+with hg b list -r.  I'd like there to be the ability to call hg b list -A
+to list all bugs, possibly also as --all.
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