0fdbf8f382b2 — Michael Diamond 10 years ago
Reopened incorrectly closed bug, added possible solution
2 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M .bugs/bugs
M .bugs/details/aad16b3f42cade7b71eb1cc92c490f77c7366084.txt
M .bugs/bugs +1 -1
@@ 17,7 17,7 @@ add a -e flag to add to launch details e
 Use consistent EOL markers and set up a .hgeol file          | owner:Michael, open:False, id:884b4c3360aa89bbd841013a6cf34bc904dcc3b5, time:1313353463.53
 Add optional commented out fields to default details file    | owner:Michael, open:False, id:9ce51de4c80014f8cf09e97041a8ae1d9cc001e4, time:1324634131.06
 Bugs with no details but a details file should act like there is not details file | owner:Michael, open:False, id:9f771c1b687a119eb8e6f9a8443f2c0dde30776b, time:1277680715.42
-edit doesn't handle editors with spaces properly             | owner:Michael, open:False, id:aad16b3f42cade7b71eb1cc92c490f77c7366084, time:1310458238.24
+edit doesn't handle editors with spaces properly             | owner:Michael, open:True, id:aad16b3f42cade7b71eb1cc92c490f77c7366084, time:1310458238.24
 Support assigning multiple bugs at once                      | owner:, open:True, id:ab2e474b9120ae940fd40cd2b449771788c6397e, time:1350788263.28
 adding a long issue rewrites entire bugs file to align metadata | owner:Michael, open:False, id:b2f52086a6ca25bc3f9c131e8ded23d474b9a11d, time:1319079486.17
 Don't add unchanged details files                            | owner:, open:True, id:c91d45eda3bbba622a060b763a4e5afe2f3b2cb9, time:1350783561.08

M .bugs/details/aad16b3f42cade7b71eb1cc92c490f77c7366084.txt +4 -1
@@ 13,6 13,9 @@ I think b is executing the editor comman
 It works with ``EDITOR=emacsclient``.
 Reported by Takafumi Arakaki
+The naive solution obviously doesn't work, but the shlex module should offer more robust support:
 # The expected result

@@ 26,4 29,4 @@ Reported by Takafumi Arakaki
-# Comments and updates - leave your name
  No newline at end of file
+# Comments and updates - leave your name