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Update README for new config file feature
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@@ 44,12 44,15 @@ Suppose you have an EncFS folder at `~/.
 mounted to `~/Private`. Make it known to *gnome-encfs*:
     $ gnome-encfs -a ~/.Private.encrypted ~/Private
+    EncFS config file [-]: <optional custom encfs6.xml location>
     EncFS password: <enter encfs password>
     Mount at login [Y/n]: <say 'y' or 'n'>
 This adds the EncFS path, its mount location and password to the GNOME keyring
 and sets up a GNOME autostart entry to mount it at GNOME login (if enabled).
+Note that EncFS config file option only works with EncFS6 config files.
 ### Mount an EncFS folder
 If you said *y* above to the login mount question, the EncFS folder gets