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-Deeno is not an ORM. Deeno is a very thin database abstraction layer.
+Deeno is not an ORM. It is a thin database abstraction layer.
-**Disclaimer:** Deeno development is in a very early stage. Do not yet use it
-in a production environment!
+**Disclaimer:** Deeno development is in an early stage. It has good test
+coverage but still lacks experience in production environments.
 Deeno provides a slick Python API for typical CRUD operations while motivating
 you to use plain SQL for more smart things. The rationale here is to not

@@ 71,6 71,11 @@ You can work with relations without defi
     >>> user.name = 'Bøb'
     >>> user.save()
+So the basic concept is that you have a database connection object ``db`` on
+which you can perform arbitrary SQL statements and which provides a minimal
+interface to relations using the scheme
 Create a new user::
     >>> user = db.r.user.new(name='Brian', age=48)

@@ 136,6 141,11 @@ Deeno requires Python 3.
     pip install deeno
+If you want to interact with Postgres, you also need to install the *psycopg2*
+    pip install psycopg2