Maximum volume yields maximum tentacles.



[Archived] Integrate EncFS folders into the GNOME desktop by storing their passwords in the keyring and optionally mounting them at login using GNOME's autostart mechanism.


A damn simple static website generator.


Mercurial Bash prompt extension. Fork of https://bitbucket.org/sjl/hg-prompt.


Python module to persistently cache results of functions using decorators.


Template for personal projects


[Archived] Fork of Michael Diamond's Mercurial bug tracking extension (using BitBucket mirror https://bitbucket.org/ArneBab/b).


[Archived] Diggie is a Markdown and Django driven wiki application.


[Stalled] Revamp of https://hg.sr.ht/~obensonne/remuco


[Archived] Remuco is a duplex remote control system for Linux media players and mobile devices equipped with Bluetooth or WiFi. Mirror of https://code.google.com/archive/p/remuco/


[Archived] Markowik converts Markdown formatted text to Google Code wiki.


[Archived] AutoSync extension for Mercurial. Provides automated duplex synchronization with another repository. Turns Mercurial into a synchronization engine.


[Archived] Find your way in Mercurial repositories


[Stalled] Deeno is not an ORM