Tidy up the dtx version of the release notes.

And add a couple of very minor tweaks to the release note text.
3 files changed, 14 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)

M release-notes.xml
M showlabels.dtx.in
M tools/release-notes-dtx.xslt
M release-notes.xml +6 -3
@@ 95,9 95,9 @@ Guillermo for the test case).</li>
 <li>Add configuration interface <code>\showlabelrefline</code> and
 ensure that <code>\color</code> works in
-<li>Various documentation tweaks</li>
-<li>Change licence from GPL to LPPL</li>
-<li>Fix link to repository</li>
+<li>Various documentation tweaks.</li>
+<li>Change licence from GPL to LPPL.</li>
+<li>Fix link to repository.</li>

@@ 271,6 271,9 @@ to have been declared ‘obsolete’ in favour of the <code>amsmath</code>
 package.  This package now claims conformance with the
 <code>amsmath</code> package alone, though it will probably work with
 older versions in fact.</p>
+<p>This is the first version of the package to be distributed under
+the name <code>showlabels</code>.</p>

M showlabels.dtx.in +2 -2
@@ 268,8 268,8 @@ 
 % The package might still work with \LaTeX2.09, but that's neither
 % supported, nor even still tested.
-% This software is copyright, 1999, 2001--09, 2013--16 Norman Gray.
-% It is released under the terms of the LaTeX Project Public Licence.
+% This software is copyright, @COPYRIGHTYEARS@ Norman Gray.
+% It is released under the terms of the \LaTeX\ Project Public Licence.
 % See the copyright declaration at the top of file \texttt{showlabels.dtx},
 % and the file \texttt{lppl.txt}, for the licence conditions.

M tools/release-notes-dtx.xslt +6 -5
@@ 6,6 6,7 @@ 
 <output method='text'/>
+<strip-space elements='n:*'/>
 <template match='n:release-notes'>

@@ 51,13 52,14 @@ 
+<!-- For the sake of compactness,
+     format ul as a run-in list with items separated by pilcrows. -->
 <template match='n:ul'>
-  <text>\begin{itemize}</text>
-  <text>\end{itemize}</text>
+  <text>\par</text>
 <template match='n:li'>
-  <text>\item </text>
+  <text>  \P\thinspace </text>

@@ 68,8 70,7 @@ 
 <template match='n:p'>
-  <text>
-  </text>
+  <text>\par </text>
 <template match='*'>