fix number literal reference in README
ignore unused arguments
add runner-helper

save yourself some copy-pasting why don't you?

It'd be nice if I could work out how to connect the STDIN/STDOUT for
tcc to the SBCL REPL
fix input handling

I think
add/fix input operation

remaining todo:
 - why are strings swallowing newlines? maybe off by one in substring,
   or the loop-until is wrong?
 - invalid input case is broken(?) supposed to be -1 for EOF but C-d
   sends it into a loop
 - make input/result and time.h conditional on use of INPUT and RAND
sort of kind of working

capable of compliling a working fizzbuzz

 - why do strings swallow what should be a newline token?
 - gotos should check that labels exist
 - clean up the code
revamp tokenizing
part three

I'm pretty sure this is working right...
slightly less bad formatting
add part one