fix to include links in leaders

but not org-mode table of contents. okay so it is a hack, but it

additionally, I've accidentally squashed in a fix to include add
xml:base per post in the feed. oh well.
strip leading and trailing whitespace from leader
add XML domain base, maybe for relative URLs
fix self-link element in atom feed
bug fix for link_path and escaping
remove markdown library

includes hack-y parsing of HTML for title, leader, date appears to
work but could be better

it looks like PyPI already has 0.2 (which I don't recall)
add integration test

sort of horrible, I'm not sure if these are actually good
changes. Partly necessary due to the addition of threadpooling, but
the feedback is poor and they're obviously fragile.
swap FreeBSD build for OpenBSD

remove pip upgrade
remove list comprehension

needlessly ugly
update copyright notice
bump python version for freebsd build

3.6 does not include dataclasses
bump build target versions
add threadpools for I/O intensive sections

include some refactoring to simplify parsing, uses a few features that
might be python 3.7 only
649676de78a7 — Nolan Prescott 3 years ago
Binary mode doesn't take an encoding!
3ba0a4f5fc4a — Nolan Prescott 3 years ago
Specify default encoding

Without an encoding specified for the open() method, it relies on the
default system encoding
ee19a35e4669 — Nolan Prescott 4 years ago
Convert README, add CI config

  pandoc -f rst -t markdown -o
f49733adcac8 — Nolan Prescott 4 years ago
Remove f-string formatting, the bleeding-edge sucks

F-string formatting isn't worth the headaches associated with getting
a CI system configured correctly with a non-package build of python
3.6. I'd rather _not_ be tied to testing on a linux distro I don't
deploy to.
c7551deff4aa — Nolan Prescott 4 years ago
Fix up documentation

 - briefly explain template syntax
 - provide defaults in generated config.ini to prevent errors if
 - update email in