improve word order in
sort options in usage list in
Added tag 2.10 for changeset 1ae5775b4eab
add option "-s" ("--spaces")
add options "-p" ("--pis") and "-P" ("--comments")
simplify argument parser
remove whitespace in shebang
fix link to COPYING in
change color of ellipsis in abbreviations
Added tag 2.9 for changeset 254dec1347bf
add option "-a" ("--abbreviate")
Added tag 2.8 for changeset feeb9e97dbc3
add option "-M" ("--files-and-matches")
Added tag 2.7 for changeset c3cb85d3f98e
add option "-n" ("--line-number")
Added tag 2.6 for changeset cffccade1ac9
catch keyboard interrupt
reformat Markdown files