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@@ 16,7 16,7 @@ at the [University of Szeged](http://www
 This repository provides the sources of EXMARaLDA (Dulko). The latest release is
 available as a ZIP archive
 which contains, in particular, an executable for Microsoft Windows
 (`exmaralda-dulko.exe`) as well as start-up scripts for MacOS
 (`exmaralda-dulko.command`) and Linux (`exmaralda-dulko.sh`).

@@ 82,7 82,7 @@ Installation instructions
     On Linux, install EXMARaLDA into `/opt/exmaralda` or `$HOME/exmaralda`.
  6. Download
-    [EXMARaLDA (Dulko)](https://andreas.nolda.org/software/exmaralda-dulko-18.0.zip)
+    [EXMARaLDA (Dulko)](https://andreas.nolda.org/software/exmaralda-dulko-18.1.zip)
     and install it into some directory `<DIR3>`.
     On Microsoft Windows, you can use for this task the setup program