Added tag 18.1 for changeset 84febea4ae4b
add exb2text.xsl and
shorten speaker ID and add "SPK" prefix in exb2exb-annis.xsl
remove <project-name> in exb2exb-annis.xsl
mention makeDulko in
add script for converting EXB files to Coma's EXS format
generate "L2_other" metadata tag in metadata.xsl
don't convert language codes from ISO 639-2 to ISO 639-1 in metadata.xsl
update download URL for EXMARaLDA (Dulko) in
Added tag 18.0 for changeset b658ad17e867
mention Amazon Corretto in
remove "KonREL" from annotation-panel.xml
adapt hidden title spans in exb2exb-timeline.xsl
require current stable EXMARaLDA version 1.6.1
specify maximum Java version in exmaralda-dulko.jsmooth
fix typo in exmaralda-dulko.jsmooth
drop custom