Added tag 6.0 for changeset e3f0f71ca77e
FIX Support latest TOML
Added tag 5.38 for changeset eadccfc517cb
FIX Point config to sourcehut
Added tag 5.37 for changeset 400ece21ad7a
FIX OCAMLPATH is actually a colon separated list
Added tag 5.36 for changeset 99f6612d2e5d
FIX OCAMLPATH is not a colon separated list
Added tag 5.35 for changeset e3213ea0470b
FIX Work with sedlex 2.1
Added tag 5.34 for changeset 69525c07a4a9
FIX Do not have trailing space on packages
Added tag 5.33 for changeset efe0848b9d49
FIX Tests and mistake in docs and remove
Added tag 5.32 for changeset 06ee4bd35185
FIX URL, and add all tag for building
Added tag 5.31 for changeset 37dff768935b
Added tag 5.30 for changeset a2fe50b27edd
ADD Toggle builds on and off