Added tag 4.1 for changeset cd653864e0b4
Added tag 4.1 for changeset a69f0537c4be
Added tag 4.1 for changeset d59997cbdea3
FIX Curl call to get output
Added tag 4.0 for changeset ddb802e9c7b3
FIX Support latest TOML
Added tag 3.16 for changeset a9472eef329c
FIX Remove smoke tests for now
Added tag 3.15 for changeset db59733d8f66
FIX Point config to sourcehut
Added tag 3.14 for changeset a28f69c436fc
Added tag 3.12 for changeset 4e1ee85b0855
FIX Map dep_maps with pins

The pins are based on the values in deps, however deps_maps allows for
transforming dependency names into package names.  This means pins do
not work properly because the names they refer to will not show up in
the opam package.  This adds the pins based on the actual dependency
name to the list of pins if an existing pin does not exist.

This does not handle if a deps_map values has different pins in it.
Only the first one is taken and added to pins and pins cannot be
combined.  This might be an issue but unclear what it looks like int
real code.
ADD Specify package name
FIX tests to with-test
FIX Still broken but working on working selectors
Merged in fix-support-opam-2 (pull request #9)

FIX Support opam 2.0
FIX Support opam 2.0